Feb 08
poem challenge: CJP-Bully
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the marginalized

Everyone will know at some point what it's like to not fit in.
Some people will know the feeling more often though...
Becoming used to having backs turned in their direction. 
Not minding so much when they're ignored, because it happens a lot.
Maybe, it's nothing personal. Maybe it is...
But there are always people who know better, when the kids leave you alone at recess,
Or when you get pushed down against the sidewalk and the gravel burns your palms like fire.
It's no big deal.
Maybe it was at one point... but not anymore.
Circles will be closed off to you, and name cards switched, and all the whispers in the world...
People pointing at you, and laughing, and all the voices in your head chanting,


Everyone will know the feeling eventually.

But some know it better.
It's just the way it is.
You never know who it could be, but all anyone ever wants is to feel like they belong.
Just for once...
 If you get left out and picked on for too long, you start believing that that's the way it should be.
That you deserve it.
But that's not right.