Feb 09

4:02 am someone

Someone save me from my broken teen soul
Where every piece is out of place 
And the stars will never align

Someone keep me safe at night
Where the cold and shadows can’t reach me
On the dark side of the moon

Someone tell me things will be okay
Even though I’ve heard it a million times
It sounds different when you say it

Someone make me laugh or cry
Because I am sick of not feeling at all
My heart a heavy stone in my chest  

Someone bring a little color into my life
Because right now everything is in black and white 
And I need a dash of vibrancy in this lonely place

Someone keep the demons at bay
Cuz I am the only one who can see them
And no one ever believes me

Someone please read this poem written at 4:02 in the morning 
Because if someone doesn’t 
I don’t know what to do