Feb 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind
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I am at the beach with my kite in hand
I feel the wind
It’s not too slow and not too fast
Blowing right off the sea
It is a perfect day to fly

My kite is as light as a feather
Ripstop nylon sails, pultruded carbon frame
A triangular bird, controlled by two strings
The strings are high tech, forty feet long
And they'll hold my kite back, so it won’t fly away

With a pull of the lines, my kite flies into the air
I feel like I'm flying, up high in the air
I warm up with figure eights, then I have fun
I dive bomb and loop, ‘til the end of the day 
It is dinnertime and I need to get back to the house

I land the kite at the top of the beach
I put it away and get into the car
I feel refreshed after flying
I can’t wait for tomorrow
To fly once again

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