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summer vacation

June 24

Every year our family goes somewhere during our summer vacation. Usually, it’s somewhere really lame, like Connecticut or New Hampshire. But today my mom told me we are going to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids of Gisa! I knew that the plane ride would be really long, but I was excited too, because I had never been on a plane! 

July 7

The plane ride is terrible. I am puking along the whole way and I can’t sleep a wink. Now, we have to get out of the plane in the middle of the night and board a smaller, older plane that looks like it just took a mud bath. As soon as I enter the plane I can tell that it will be much worse than the last plane ride. As we take off, my motion sickness gets worse and I start puking again.

July 8

    We arrive at the hotel room and I sleep until three o’clock pm. I am tired and have dark circles under my eyes. My dad said  to me “You look like a zombie on a bad hair day” and when it’s time to go to sleep I don’t argue.
July 9

    Today is the day that we get to see the pyramids! I am so excited, but when we get there, I don’t see the pyramids. “Look up,'' says Dad. I do, and I say “Holy cow, that’s the biggest triangle I’ve ever seen!” The pyramids are about five times taller than I had expected them to be, and they look even bigger once we get closer. We also see the Great Sphinx of Giza. The expression on its face says, “Hey! I’m in charge!” The whole day is very fun and I am sad when we have to go back to the hotel.
July 14

    The plane ride back home is almost as bad as the first one, but I think the plane rides are worth it. I am happy when we get home and I fall asleep immediately. As I sleep, my mind drifts into thoughts about the pyramids and the sphinx.

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