Feb 10
fiction challenge: CJP-Forward

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,

If this works you should get this in 2030,
I've got so many questions!
Is the future similar to the predictions?
Flying cars, robots, holographs?
Climate change, war, famine?
Everyone now has such a grim outlook.
I mean, they aren't wrong. 
Society isn't the greatest,
but on the other hand,
has it ever been great?
I hope the future is brighter
than what everybody expects.
And how are you?'
You must be 24,
Are you still in college?
I mean, if you still plan on being 
a music educator you probably are.
Have you met the love of your life?
If you have, tell him I said hi.
Do you still keep in touch with the girls?
You know, your best friends from 10 years ago?
Tell everyone I said hi.
If you figure out how to write back, please do.
I want to know how it all works out.
Is it good? Is it bad? 
It'll probably be hard,
but I know that I'll be you one day,
and I won't give up
even if you don't write back.

14-year-old You
About the Author: Crescent_Moon
"You don’t have to understand things for them to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle