Feb 11
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow

what my rainbow is

Pink is the color of candy
Swaddled in wrappers
Lining the windows
With gumballs 
and lollypops
In sits on your tongue 
and colors your dreams
Green is the color of spring
bursting from lonely branches
and thawing dirt
It stains your knees
and births you flowers
dripping from trees
like water from fingertips
Orange is a color of light
it is friends with white
but warmer
not quite as sunshiny as yellow
it comes before the sun
and after
in big stripes across the horizon
it hangs from trees
and colors hair
it is the color of a hug
Blue is the color of water
tapping on the roof
crying down windows
slipping under bridges
parting under boots
it can be sad and cold
frozen and unforgiving
dripping down your cheeks
forced tears
but it can also be comforting
holding you on the surface
turning to snow
but that is where white comes in
White is the color of rebirth
a clean jacket over the rolling hills
promising a new start
a clean pillow
giving a new day
an untouched paper
a dropzone for thought
frosting waiting to be applied
a letter waiting to be sent
a marshmallow asking for color
as a crayon, 
white simply is invisible on paper
or smudges other colors
but put it on a black paper
or blue
or red
it shows 
white it the color of creativity
thinking out of the box
the color of possibility
Yellow is the color of joy
sunlight through a window
shimmering on water
it comes in tropical produce
yellow is a tone of interest
the tip of a sparkler 
the boom of a firework
it comes in bursts
Purple is the color of fantasy
cloaking distant royals
and flying dragons
but it also shows cold
staining fingertips
and coloring lips
Red is a color of all things
stop it says
go back 
turn around
is wants to save you from a deadly relationship
but is it not the color of relationship?
blushing our cheeks rose
the color of love
of beating hearts
coloring the words I love you
Black is a color of confusion
where am I 
to some,
it may seem like the absence of color
but I think, 
it is simply the state of waiting for color
to be touched with color
night is the color that promises
of something to come