Feb 11

Little Brother

He speaks
the language
of music 
He hears
the notes
before they
are even played
He lifts his voice
with confidence
and the pitch
is sure
I cannot
even comprehend
the way he
hears the notes
thinks the notes
knows the notes
and holds them
in his mind

He is quick
when it comes
to numbers
and he thinks
of it like a game
in which he moves
and manipulates
the digits to his will
Far advanced
is his mathematic mind
and someday
he will surpass me
his older sister
a thought of which
I am not fond
but it
is indeed true
he sees numbers
throughout the world
and connects them
in his head
too confidently

But he does not
speak the language
of normal humankind
his words 
bubble out 
of his mouth
before his brain
processes them
He realizes
too late
that he should've
worded that differently
and his apology
is quite sincere 
if not a little
for some reason
people find it
and funny