Feb 12
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Working on Me

    I’m a weird person. I am entertained easily, and don’t talk a lot. But I definitely laugh a lot.  I’m shy, but when you get to know me I’m like a new human being. It takes some time for me to open up, I have to come out of my shell and and stand up for myself. I can be sunny like the day, and rain down on myself. I don’t have much confidence in myself. I struggle with my mind, my happy thoughts down the drain, oh why do I feel pain today? I want to be that sunshine for everyone else, but in that process I’m not helping myself. I’m trying to focus on myself, but I feel  selfish not thinking of someone else. I just want to help the world, but I can’t do that if deep down I’m not a happy girl. I am not afraid to show that some days I’m not okay, that will help me be happier in the future on another day. This year I’m working on myself, then I will be truly happy. 

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