Feb 12
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My home for me is….
A place where I could just sit down and have time to think in quiet without anyone there to bother me or be loud. 
A place where my imagination could stretch thousands and thousands of miles and still have more room for the other crazy ideas I still have when I get older. 
A place where my family never has to worry about problems in life and where we are all just happy in life.
A place where I could be a girl without someone telling me I could not play a sport or do something I love or want to try.  
A place where my brothers and I could go and grab our skates and sticks and just go skating and playing hockey.
A place where every night I could look up into the sky and see every star twinkling and sparkling with the big bright moon.
A place where my freinds and I could just hang with each other and have so much fun without breaking any rules.
My home for me is in my heart I place where I could never lose it and where I wish to be someday. 

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