Feb 12
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Who Am I

Who am I?

By Kate

I am part of a family of five 

My mom,

My dad, 

My older sister, Lily, 

My younger sister, Viola 

And me, Kate 

I am bilingual

I speak English and German

I was born right outside of Munich in Germany

That what makes me special

Music is part of me too! 

I play guitar and ukulele 

I’ve only played guitar for two years

But I feel like a master guitarist 

My favorite spot in the house is 

My bed

That's where I go to think 

With my teddy bear

What would it be like to live in war? 

How horrible it must be

Why would anyone want a war?

Why do the people that aren't affected by war, 

Not care about hundreds of people dying

Somewhere else in the world?

So many questions swirl my head 

Why? Why? Why? 

I know that the world will never be 

Cupcakes and rainbows

But that doesn't mean we can’t get close

My wish for the world is 

War gets figured out ...

 instead of fighting

The problem gets talked out 

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