Feb 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Choice

be you

Everyone tries to untangle themselves
from the change
from me
to us
a land where your opinion
turns to our opinion
where your choice 
turns to their choice
in the spring to flowers grow
all the same color
in summer the clouds drift
all the same shape
in the fall the leaves change
all the same shade
in winter the snow falls
every flake the same
mixing with the pack like milk in coffee
a path that chooses your clothes
your hair
your voice
you come to the crossroads
and see two paths
one that is heavily trodden
no work
full of fake smiles
you turn to the other path
leading over rocks 
and under trees
you take it
a road that leads where you want it
in spring the flowers grow
with unique colors
in summer the clouds drift
forming different shapes
in fall the leaves change
their own shades
in winter the snow falls
each flake the first of its kind
you take this path
where you are yourself
no one else
where your thoughts
is untainted by others
you are you
in this world of choice