Feb 12

What The Web

Why does it look like Jim is  getting attached?
By an imaginary thing with a baseball bat?
He's swatting the air with a vigorous light
And it looks like he’s trying and losing a fight. 
He's slapping himself as if he's on fire
And looks like he's dodging a giant truck tire!
He's stomping his feet,
 but nothing's on the ground.
And by the way, yes, he is making a sound. 
He is shuddering and turning in circles galore-
Is he hurt?
Is he acting? 
I'm just not sure. 
"What are you doing!?" I asked,
And he said:
“I just walked into a spider web!”
About the Author: Treblemaker
'Don't worry about fitting in when your custom made' -Liza Koshy