Feb 13

A Girl and her wolf

 10 year old Olivia Mcfry was biking out in the woods when all of a sudden she heard a tiny little cry coming from the woods. She stopped her bike and crept slowly into the woods. The cry was getting louder and louder. Olivia pushed aside two bushes only to find a small wolf pup that was covered in blood and its paw was injured from a hunter's trap. She put the wolf pup in the front basket of her bike and went home. After 30 minutes of riding her bike, she was finally home. When she walked in she saw her dad cooking dinner and her mom still reading the news paper. She walked over to her mom and said, “Hey mom look what I found!” Olivia  showed her mom but she did not care. Olivia walked over to her dad and said, “Dad can you make one more plate of food for Charlie?” “Who is Charlie?” her dad asked. “Charlie’s the wolf pup I found.” Olivia replied. “OK OK fine. BUT you better get a bandage on that poor little guy ok?” her dad said. Olivia went to the bathroom to get a bandage. When she put the bandage on Charlie her dad called her for dinner. “Did you make Charlie some dinner? Olivia asked. Her dad nodded and put two raw steaks in front of Charlie. Charlie devoured them in 10 seconds flat. “Wow” her dad said “He must really be hungry.” “Hey Olivia why don't you give him a bath after dinner?” said her mom. After the bath Olivia set up a little bed for Charlie. After Olivia’s parents went to sleep Olivia carefully picked Charlie up and put him in her bed so Olivia could sleep with him. 7 years later Charlie had to be put in a cage outside because he was to big for the house. Olivia fed him everyday. But then as Olivia grew older and older she stopped playing with Charlie. Charlie felt neglected on the inside. Then one day Olivia's dad told her that he needs to sell Charlie to a circus. Olivia was heart broken but new she could not argue but she did know that if she snuck out that night she could save him.  So later that night she took Charlie and went down the stairs to the door when all of a sudden her dad turned on the light and saw Olivia run out the door with Charlie. Her dad called the circus. When Olivia was out the door she could hear her dad yelling for her mother but she continued. “Come on come on we have to help her.” her dad said panicked. Olivia rode on Charlie’s back to the woods when all of a sudden the circus started chasing them “Come on Charlie. Dad must have called the circus.” Olivia said to Charlie. All of a sudden Charlie stopped “What's wrong Charlie?” Olivia asked. Charlie walked over to a pond near the woods to take a drink when all of a sudden the circus and her dad were surrounding them when a wolf pack emerged from the woods. Charlie walked over to the wolf in the front of the pack and greeted her. Then the wolf walked up to Olivia and ruped her head up agenst her as a way of saying thank you “Its his mom.” Olivia whispered. When the wolves left the circus left too but Olivia’s dad ran over and hugged her.