Feb 13
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The Forest (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Corruption

2 Years later...
    He refused to leave his home, he couldn't let it take over. It had taken everything else. His family, his Sanity. It was all a game, an amusing game to it. It lived to screw with people's heads. If you can even say it’s living. This wasn’t natural he knew that. He hid away in his basement. Soundproofing it, so the voices couldn't reach him. He had heard them too many times, they drove him far from sanity. But it didn’t stop him from working. His research was vital to finding his family, he could never accept that he lost them two years ago. His basement was full of papers, pictures, maps, all connected with pins and string. A muffled knock from upstairs made him jump, he grabbed his bat which he kept to his side at all times. Walking slowly up the stairs. His eyes were open, the many sleepless nights showed. His eyes were red, filled with veins circling the pupil. He neared his door, unlocking the many locks that had been installed. He left the chain on and opened it up peaking his eye through the crack.

    “Who are you, what you want.” His voice was ragged and old like he hadn’t used it in forever. Two men stood in front of his door, tall and beefy. Wearing a clean black suit over a pressed white shirt. A tie to top it all off like a bow on a present. They stared down at him. 

    “Mr. Henderson? I am Agent Darwin and my partner Agent Cole. We are with the FBI.”  

    “I have no business with the FBI, get off my property.” 

    “We have business with you Mr. Henderson, may we come in.” He waited for a moment realizing if he said no they would have a reason to be suspicious. He closed the door and unhatched the chain. The door creaked open, it hadn't been opened in weeks. He went out as little as possible so that It couldn’t see him. They walked inside and he had a clear view of the woods outside, the wind picked up and the trees seemed to roar. He slammed the door and re-locked it. 

    “A little over-excessive, Mr. Henderson?Just a bunch of squirrels and deer out there nothing to be scared of.” Agent Darwin sarcastically remarked.

    He walked over to the dining table, which was covered in bowls and boxes of microwavable dinners. He ignored the comment and gestured them to sit down. The two men sat down pushing the trash out of the way so they could lay down a bag. 

    “What do you uptight idiots want from an old man like me.” They look at each other, then back to him. 

    “What do you know about the forest.” Agent Cole said with a quiet yet demanding voice. Mr. Henderson's eyes quickly darted to the basement then back the men, he couldn’t help the temptation. One of the men noticed it and got up and started walking towards the door. He tried to remain calm, he continued to stare down the man who was still sitting down.

    “You have a warrant?” Mr. Henderson hollered to Agent Darwin. His eyes rolled to the other man, as a slight victory glance. Agent Darwin stopped in his tracks and kind of laughed.

    “Yano, people usually ask us that when they have something to hide, you have something to hide Mr. Henderson?” He looked over his shoulder at him, with that satisfied grin on his face. He walked back to his seat with this evil grin swept across both cheeks. Mr. Henderson stared him down, he didn’t want to let this man win. He felt he had asserted his superiority, his eyes slid to the other man and answer his question.

     “I’ve lived in it for years. So yea I know lots.” his sarcastic tone was strong and was picked up instantly by the men.

     “Anything...Weird?” Agent Cole had a very persistent tone. They were trying to push him into slipping something out. 

    “Hey, don’t you guys have better things to do then consult a man about his yard?” He leaned back crossing his arms. They both stood up, both unsatisfied with that answer. The smirky one put his arms on the table leaning into them getting close to him. 

    “You are messing with the wrong people Mr. Henderson, we can take a lot more than a stupid forest can.” He pushed himself back up and gestured the other man to follow him, they walked out. Without looking back, he yelled.

    “We will be back with a warrant!” The agents walked out the door, closing it behind them. Henderson ran to the window and peeked through the decrepit curtains, moving them disturbed the layer of dust. The light that was let out looked like smoke. He saw the two men taking pictures of his house and the surrounding forest, before getting into their car and driving off. He looked to the trees and felt dizzy. He had been up for too long. He dropped the curtain and hurried down to the basement closing the door. The first and most definitely not the last unwanted visitors. But they knew something, usually people that came to mock his beliefs. This was bigger than he had thought, but how big? Something was in those trees, something the government wanted to keep quiet. He sat down on his desk, it was littered with files and papers. A lamp on the desk was the only source of light in the damp basement, He spun his chair to the wall and pointed the lamp in the same direction. A map hung from the wall, black marker scribble everywhere. With one huge red circle surrounding his home.     “Why is it now a big deal? Two years.” He got up and put his hands behind his back. “Why now after two years.” His eyes started to fill up with tears. They fell down his cheek, leaving clean streaks on his skin. He walked over to a cabinet and started vigorously rummaging through it. Pulling out a picture. Him his wife and his daughter. “I'll find you.” He jumped into his bed which was now downstairs. He couldn't be in his room upstairs, the leaves had a clear view of his bedroom. He fell asleep curled up with the picture.