Feb 13
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when someone askes
                                  who are you?
i always hesitate
                          who am i?
the question of who i am makes me feel like i'm on a precipice

a small figure on the edge of a great chasm

there are endless possibilities of me in that vast expanse
                                                                                         but do i know which one i am? 
one day i will dip into these endless pools 
to discover
or maybe lose
who i am right now
to find
who i will become

the thought of reaching out terrifies me
though to reach out is to search 
and to search may lead me to know who i am
                                                                        how will i know which version of me in this void is who i am?
                                                                        when will i figure it out?

it stresses me to all ends
even though it seems a simple question
                                                               who am i?
who are you?

                           it do be like that sometimes