Feb 14
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Vermont Issues

Our Earth is so beautiful and somehow it gets taken for granted every single day by hundreds of thousands of people. But everyday, no matter whether we realize it or not, our magnificent Earth is slowly falling apart. Global warming and pollution in both the air and the water are both huge problems that need to be prevented. Some say that it is happening because of us and our actions while others deny they have anything to do with it at all. 

    During the summer about five years ago a couple close friends, my sister and I did a bake sale to raise money to help clean up Lake Champlain. It was all based off donation but doing something felt great. I remember everyday we would walk down to the end of the road waiting for neighbours to stop by. By nearly the end of the summer we sent the money off to a charity to help clean up the lake. 

Now our oceans and many lakes have trash in them causing animals to die. Eventually due to our lack of environmental care the trash that animals eat will be eaten by people everywhere sickness worldwide. We have brilliant minds thinking of solutions to these problems this very minute. But without everyone helping it may not be solved quick enough. If everyone starts picking up litter they see on the ground or even recycling properly and reducing the amount of plastic you're using that would be a great help. This isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight but small steps will help a lot to clean our Earth.  

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