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The Sandwich Fight

The fight started when Jerry and his younger sister Ameila were arguing over a turkey sandwich. There were only two pieces of bread left on the black counter near the fridge and microwave. Their mom came in and separated them. Lily, their mom, has brown hair and her skin shows that she is 45. Jerry has short spiky brown hair and Ameila has long blonde hair. Jerry is 12 and Ameila is 8 years old. 

    Jerry and Ameila’s mom told them to go to their own rooms until they calmed down. Thirty minutes went by and Lily called out to them. Jerry and Ameila glared at each other as they walked out of their rooms. They didn’t talk during dinner, they just ate and went back to their rooms. Ameila’s room has a pink wall with flowers all over it. Jerry’s room has a blue wall with race cars all over it. They are very different from each other.

The next day Jerry and Ameila were still mad at each other. They didn’t talk. A few days passed and Jerry saw a different perspective on the problem. He decided that it wasn’t right to be mad at his sister over two pieces of bread. He said he was sorry and so did Ameila. They went to the store and got a new loaf. Next time that this happens, they will share the two pieces.

    From then on Jerry and Ameila shared with each other. Their mom and dad were very proud of them. Even though Jerry and Ameila didn’t like having only one piece of bread for a sandwich,  they did it. Now they hangout everyday because they aren't fighting over two pieces of bread.             

                                                                                                                                By,    Allyssa

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