Feb 14
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If I had a choice to skydive or bungee jump, I would skydive. 

It sounds like more fun and you don’t have to have a bungee attached to you. Also, if the bungee snaps you could fall to your death. I also want to try skydiving. While skydiving you wear a backpack with a parachute in it. Then you either jump out of an airplane, a helicopter or off of a cliff. You then pull the cord, which opens the parachute. 

I would choose to skydive because I also want to fly in a helicopter. I want to fly in a helicopter for fun not because I am flying in one because I am badly injured. 

I also want to skydive because I want to feel the wind on my face. I also want to see if I can catch a bird on the way down. Maybe, I can catch a hawk and that would be exciting. Although, if I catch a hawk he would nearly rip me in half. Then, I would get a ride in a helicopter.

This is why I would want to skydive instead of bungee jump. You might want to go bungee jumping instead of skydiving, but I would go skydiving. I hope you liked my story.

By, Wyatt
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