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11 years after the events of The Thing

Why am I still living in this town? I should have moved ages ago. Seriously, what keeps me here? What kind of crazy person must I be to be living in my childhood home? So close to the house where I got the scars that cover my arms and legs. A house in the middle of abandoned homes, victims who weren't as lucky as me. Victims of the creature, victims of god knows what else in those woods. I'm the last one who is still alive in what is now called the village of the dead, houses close to the woods that have been steadily emptied by the woods’ inhabitants. I tried to save this town, I tried to warn them but people called me crazy and made me an outcast. And now here I am, living out my half-life in my childhood home, surrounded by memories of the dead. 

    Now as the day begins to give way to nightfall I hear a sudden sound. It’s a thump that seems like something jumping up to the area around my house. It’s probably a symptom of me living alone and being endlessly jumpy. Probably just my imagination. Even so, wasn’t it thinking noises and footprints were just my imagination what got me in this situation? Isn’t that what got four kids killed that night so many years ago? I rush up to my attic and load the shotgun I’ve been keeping there just for a moment like this. Just for the moment when I can finally take my revenge on the creature. 

 I start to hear movement around the house, like the cautious steps of a giant. And then I hear it, a mournful howl ringing out in the night. I've heard that howl only once before, coming from the mouth of the creature. It must be here, it must have finally come back to finish me off. 

Then I start to hear tapping on my windows. Footsteps ring out from all around my house, the creature must have brought friends with it for this hunt. I clutch my gun so tight my knuckles turn white, tears of terror run down my face, it has been a long time since last I cried, was the last time really that fateful night in the woods 11 years ago? The tapping on my walls gets louder, now it is almost like bullets beating into the sides of my home. Then a crash from my door. The creature must have broken into my house.

    I hear movement downstairs as the creature moves through my house, it moves with a purpose, hunting with stealth. I cock my shotgun and aim it at the entrance of the attic. A rush of adrenaline runs through me as I realize that today could be the day I kill the thing that killed my friends all those years ago. Today I could prove to this whole town I’m not crazy. I will not be easy prey.  Let’s see how this monster takes a shotgun blast. 

 I grin and rush to stand. But I bump my head hard on the attic ceiling and fall back to the ground. As I fall back down I drop my shotgun. For a moment time seems to freeze, I see the shotgun falling and I yell out in shock, I crash hard onto the attic ground feeling blood rushing down my head from where I hit it on the ceiling. The shotgun crashes to the ground, misfiring, the shells blast through the ceiling and I feel a huge rush of movement from below me in response to the loud noise. 

I rush to pick up the gun, temporarily deafened from the shotgun misfire. I grab the shotgun and prepare it to fire again, although I can’t hear the creature’s movement I can feel the house vibrating with it’s every step. I aim my shotgun back at the hatch to the attic. And then I feel it, the steady drip of something on my back from the hole my shotgun made in the ceiling, something other than the blood running down from my head. I feel warm breath on my neck...

    I look up and the face of the creature stares down at me, I have never seen its face fully before and it is horrifying to behold. I scream in terror as the creature opens its mouth to let loose a blood-curdling howl. I whip my shotgun up but it is too late and the creature comes crashing through the ceiling, falling on to me as it fell on Josh all those years ago. Its claws dig into my arms as it crashes me through the floor of the attic. I can feel my ribs break as I am rammed through the other two floors of the house and smash onto the hard basement floor. 

    I feel a sharp pinch in my neck as the creature’s fangs bite into me, finding their way into a vein. Suddenly I feel an odd sensation coming from the wound in my neck like a sucking inside of my vein.  Then I remember what Ben’s body looked like that night in the house, how it was drained of all of its blood. This is what's happening to me now I realize, I am being drained of my blood. I try to struggle out from under the creature where it is pinning me but it is no use, it’s huge beastial arms keep me pinned as it steadily removes the blood from my veins. Howls ring out from around the house above us, and as I start to black out from lack of blood and I come to realize that this time I won’t be waking up in a hospital bed…

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