Feb 14


Wild Dreams
Attainable Reality
Im told by signs about them
One is numerous
Where i'll face more crossroads
More choices that could go wrong
The other is a disaster in waiting
Where an inevitable end is just out of sight

Im told that one is unsatisfying once you reach the end
a forgone conclusion
And that one is going to make me face myself
and all my flaws

None of the signs dont tell me 
Which is a Dream
And which is Reality

The paths in front of me speak
from the way one is riddled with holes
and the other is straight 
with an air of danger

I look out on the path in front of me
Taking a catious step
Into a future i'm unsure of
Not taking my gaze off it once i'm on

I dont know which path this is
If its a Dream or Reality
But this is the path I've chosen
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