Feb 14
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In a Fork

In a Fork

This is a story about how I can’t decide whether to eat a pickle or a cucumber. Let me get into why pickles are so good! They are so tasty and yummy and they’re the best pickled vegetable there is on the planet! However, a cucumber has a rich, juicy flavor. You could pick them fresh from your garden or buy them from the supermarket, but most importantly they’re healthy!

 It’s such a hard decision! How will I choose? Although, I think I found a way. It may not be the best way but I think I know! 

Okay, so I know what I should do cucumbers are amazing and great. Nevertheless, pickles are like the best, wait no, they are the best. Okay, I’m going off topic here. My plan is to simply just eat both, wait a minute, epic twist coming! I take the biggest cucumber on the planet and I place one half in the fridge and the other half in a pickle jar! Pretty cool right? Now, I have one problem, I have to actually do it.

 Alright, so I have three problems involving the pickle cucumber operation. Number one, I have no idea how to make a pickle. Number two, how do I get the pickle to stay in the jar without falling out. Number three exactly how am I supposed to do this?

One week later I eventually finished my project. I found out how to pickle the cucumber. I eventually pickled it and ate it. Fortunately, I now need to find some other crazy project to work on. 


                                         By, David
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