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One day two friends named Allyssa and Jeffrey were walking to class. Jeffrey had red hair and black glasses. Allyssa had red hair and no glasses. Jeffrey had decided to make a joke about his other friend named Jerald. Allyssa said that he shouldn't because then he would make Jerald mad. This could make him lose his friend, but Jeffrey didn't listen. Jeffrey told Jerald that he should go on a run to be faster. Jerald is very slow. He is as slow as a turtle.

 Jeffery made a bad decision by telling Jerald that. He ended up getting detention for 30 minutes. When he got out, the teacher made him apologize to Jerald. So, Jeffrey said sorry and they moved on with their day. But all Jerald could do was think about it. Jerald had decided to 3 hours straight at the school park. Allyssa ran into him on the way home from the school. 

“What are you doing?” asked Allyssa.

    “Running.” answered Jerald.

    “But why are you running?” asked Allyssa.

    “You know because of what Jeffrey said.” said Jerald 

    “Oh, okay, but how long are you gonna run for?” 

    “Oh about an hour.” said Jerald.

    “Okay.” said Allyssa.

So, Allyssa went home and Jerald ran for another hour. The next day was P.E. Jerald had to prove to Jeffery that he was faster than he was a week ago. So, when they got to the gym he asked the P.E. teacher if they could run a lap and he said yes. So they did. Jeffrey was very impressed at how fast Jerald was, but he felt bad that he said that because it made Jerald run for 3 hours. 
                    The End
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