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the store

The Store
One day there was a person walking to the store but they didn’t want to. They didn't like the store. However, the only other store they could go to was an hour away by foot and they didn’t have a car. The solution, they decided, was to make a new store.

    A week later, they decided that making a new store would cost too much money, but they still weren't giving up. They had come up with the idea of a car that went back and forth between towns with people and their groceries. They went to the mayor of both towns and presented their idea, and they approved it.

    Unfortunately, funding was still a problem. They tried to gather donations directly, but 
they weren't getting enough money. Eventually, they decided to have a fundraiser in the next town over, as there weren't enough people in their town. 

    The fundraiser went smoothly. They had decided to have a basket raffle and a lemonade stand in the center of town. Many people participated and some even gave money directly. At the end of the fundraiser, they had enough money to buy a large van to carry passengers and a month's worth of gas money. Everyone was happy and some people kept donating.
                                        By, Keaton



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