Feb 14
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I Dance

I dance. 
A spontaneous current of passion
It sometimes happens in my dreams
There’s this haze and everything is fluid
It’s my gentle waterfall
and I’m indifferent, but have a smile on my face
and bodies disappear and appear and bodies mean nothing
they are just things
that bounce and mend and mist away
It’s often sunny where I am
where I am dancing
and my skin is fresh and clear and flushed
and without shadows
In my dream I am neither awake nor asleep
I don’t even know if I am alive
I just am
and my feet sometimes take flight, but often my heels
just bounce slightly off the ground
That little space between me and the floor,
almost slowmotion, is a mystified separation of
me and material
I return to harmony

I dance.
A jiggy wig wig
ooo blee doo blee doo blee dah
and a bebop bubble butt
squiggle of the hip and slight thrust of my chest until
I can’t feel
and am indifferent
but have a smile on my face
and I am dancing

This is the amoeba world.
I would love for you to join.
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