Feb 15


And just like that,
My mom was diagnosed
With cancer.
I was so confused,
Had I done something?
Why did it need to happen
To my mother?
Out of all people. 
We knew she could take it down
Because she could do anything.
She fought it hard. 
But she still has it,
though she was diagnosed
two years ago. 
Two years and one month ago.
Cancer is one of those things
That is unpredictable.
It's not going to do what you think.
It's going to fight just as hard as you.
Though, she's doing amazing!
She's tired some nights, 
Stressed and sad others.
Sometimes she's on the phone,
Laughing with her friends.
That makes me happy.
She tells me that I share her feelings,
I know how hard it hurts when she's sad,
She's proud of me,
My ability to be empathetic.
I love her.
I don't know how I'd live without her.
This is how cancer is affecting me,
And it can be hard.
It makes your whole world
Feel like it's getting crushed
By a giant meteor.
So that's why I'm saying that
Cancer sucks. 
That's all.