Feb 16
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week 31 support system

Vicky Pham, age 11 Essex Junction

Week 31, Support 

I'm going to tell you how I had to grow up without a support system for practically my whole childhood. It all started in 8th grade when both my parents died. How? Well it was when my parents were taking me back home from a visit to my grandma’s house. It was mid December and a really heavy snow storm was approaching. But unfortunately it arrived sooner than expected. My parents could barely see the road ahead of them and neither could anyone else. We ended up getting t-boned from the right by a teenager, and they ended up dying as well. I ended up in a foster home a couple weeks later when I came out of the hospital. My foster parents were named Alyssa and Shawn and we're absolutely terrible. They would make me do all the house work and they would even  make me do their paperwork and treat me like I was just garbage. But when they were with their friends they would act like the best parents ever. Even if I did just one little thing wrong they would throw me outside and make me wait for 2 hours to learn my lesson. I’m not even sure why they decided to take me into their foster home since it seems like I’m the only one they hate. My foster parents treated me like a slave, just some person who does their work that just happens to live with them. But you might be asking, how did I deal with all this awful stuff? Well it’s quite simple. I just took things one at a time, slowly. I also talked about it to my friends and even though they couldn't do anything about it, it still helped. And so slowly but surely I regained my emotional support system. It’s hard but anyone can do  it if they just have the patience and passion to do so. And that was the story about how and why I became my own support system. 
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