Feb 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Ocean

Ocean Fantasy

Hot air wisps around my body, soaked in salt water. 
I stare out to the ocean, the waves seeming like
They're looking back at me. 
The schools of fish join in a wave, crashing down
With the waves.
I sit down in the hot sand, wavy and blonde like my hair.

I clutch a small handful of sand with my tight fist,
And wait. 
I wait for the sand to spill out of my hands slowly,
To join the rest of the grains of sand. 
When that happens, I will dive into the ocean,
Wishing that I could stay there forever.

The sand has spilled out.
I get up, 
Shake away the wavy sand, and run.
Run away from the fear, the sadness
Of life away from the beach.
The beach, so magical,
So healing.

I jump to catch a wave,
My body getting wet against the soft touch
Of the salty waves.
This is where I'm supposed to be.

Then I hear a cough.

My sister.

I'm in my room.

My magical fantasy is no more.