Feb 17

The Winter Photo

Slowly, I open my car door
One foot out
Then the other
The cold winter air hits my face and hands
I keep a tight grasp on my camera
Right hand holding the right side
Left hand gripping the long-range lens
Right index finger resting on the shutter button
I walk as quietly as I can across the dirt road
I can see the deer pick its head up
I stand still
It knows I’m here
Lifting the camera, I look through the lens
Zooming in and adjusting the focus
Barely breathing
All is still as I press down the button
Three times
Just in case
I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding
I look at my camera
Then back at where the deer use to be
Just like that, it’s gone
As if waiting for me to take its photo
Before disappearing into the unforgiving wilderness