Feb 18

What's the problem?

Why is the Amazon forest on fire? Why is Australia on fire?   
Enormous glaciers are melting, the ocean is rising, places are flooding

Anomalies in genetics, especially in domesticated animals, due to inbreeding
Radiation from many battles, and buildings, are killing animals and humans 
Extreme weather patterns are becoming more common, freezing blizzards, boiling heat 

The extinction list is growing. Hundreds of species are going extinct every day! 
Heat is being trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere, global temperatures are rising.
Ecosystems are being destroyed because of oil fracking 

Plastic is polluting our oceans. 8.7-12.7 million tons are being thrown in each year. 
Recycling is not organized to a point that even recyclables are being placed in landfills.
Obesity is in many animals and humans, and there are more and more every year  
Billions of trees are cut down every year! Less oxygen and trees make fewer  habitats 
Lots of water is being wasted, water is soon to be scarce, creatures need water to live!
Enormous structures are being built, taking many resources and homes away.
Many issues have occurred very recently but by what or whom, what’s the problem?
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