Feb 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Reach

If only

They blink down at me
dotting the dark face of night
I stare up in wonder
And though my neck hurts,
I cannot look away
They catch the corners of my eyes
with hooks of light
but when I turn to look,
my human eyes see only black
they laugh at me
at this game we play
I wonder how far away they are
or if they can see me
dazzling above my head,
like pearls on a cloth
I wish they would stay
hover over me as I go about my day
but I know the sun will eventually rise
swiping stokes of blue
over my little diamonds
I wish I could touch them
feel their warmth
as they sit in my hand
burning holes in my pockets
I reach up with stretching fingers
trying to grab a few for myself
but only air filters through my hand
they laugh again
and I look up with dispair

If only I could reach a little farther