Feb 19
Emily Van Dyke's picture

Stand Tall

You are as capable as the words you speak.

For you to wish to feel a love for life you must learn to love what it may give you. 

Standing stall, just by your words can give you mountains of hope. 

You make feel thrones, but you also can use the same thorns to break through what is holding you captive.

Use your throat to send thousands of faint hearts to sleep. 

You are strong, you have stood through the fire, as you believe. You can only be what you believe.

Use your hands not of a fist, but through grading fate. 

As you will.

If I lend you mine, my heart will be the one to win. As you must learn to fight.

The fight will more than your body, fight with the knowledge in your brain. As it breaks codes.

You must stand tall to see what you have done and what you can do.

 stand tall.