Feb 19
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Throughout highschool

I’ve seen all the teachers

The ones who don’t care are the most angering ones.

The ones who slam you with homework, 

Not taking into account that you all have six other classes of homework tonight.

The ones who yell at students all day, 

Not realizing they go home and hear that all night.

The ones who yell at students for eating in their classrooms,

Not believing that’s the only meal they will be provided with today.

The ones who hand you the failed test grade and say 

“Study harder.”

The ones who care more about making sure kids do the work they give out 

Than making sure the students’ mental health is okay. 

The ones who disrespect students and not let them speak their opinions

Because “they are the adult” 

The ones who think that it’s okay to talk about the “bad student” because they are always an issue in class.

The ones who purposely call on kids who don’t know the answer

Just because the teachers think they should have been listening,

Instead of looking at themselves 

And thinking

“I need to learn how to teach all my students”

Like the students who can’t sit still in class 

Or even the students who are so silent you think they don’t have any questions.

I am not the only student angry about the way our teachers treat us.

The teachers who say “You won’t make it outside this school”

Are the teachers who couldn’t care less about students

Telling us we need to start caring more?

“You have it easy here”

As if life outside of this school was harder than in it. As if.

-Ahleah Lawliss
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