Feb 19

The Feeling

Home is in the arena

the way we all work together

cheering as I roll first for initiative

hiding us two glass canons from sight

As the other two approach the single enemy

the one we’ve been preparing for

Home is in the victory

Watching the big boss fall

from my spot in the darkness

I see the King crumple to the ground

the cheers of the crowd

the darkness around me dispels

Home is in the aftermath

the surge of pride in my chest

at the table I smile

all five of us are loud and bursting with happiness

here in the art room we sit around a table rolling dice

talking about the amount of money we earned

and the plans for deadshot incorporated

Home is in the talks we have

it doesn’t matter that deadshot incorporated isn’t real

that’s it is just part of our world we made

but all the more we say

"We are a legitimate business doing illegitimate things"

with pride 

Home is on the stage

whether it be imaginary

or the real stage for the after school play

where I learned that I don’t hate dancing

its where I talk to the younger kids

teaching them that this is a home

Home is also in the yellow apartment on the hill

the place I live

but it's not home just because of that

it’s in the hypotheticals I speak of to my mom

of zombies and wars

of alternate histories

it’s in how I can sink into my bed and draw for hours on end

where I can relax

pleasing no one

it’s there in the way that I don’t feel the need to lock the door

Home is not a place

it’s a feeling

of comfort



it travels with me

it’s destroyed the instant you feel unsafe

Home is where you’re comfortable

Home is letting your guard down

Home is an attainable fantasy
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