Feb 19
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Blue Mustang (inspired by outsiders)

Blue Mustang:

It was a Dark, Shadowy, 

Night, ponyboy was drowning, 

maybe even dying.

 I didn’t know what to do,

 I pulled out my switchblade and later 

saw him lying there in the moonlight, lifeless.

 I recognized the rings on his fingers as I examined his body laying there lifeless. 

A haze fell over my head, and then it hit me,

 I had murdered someone, 

I muttered under my breath.

 I had killed someone, but it was self-defense,

 they all ran away after.

 Then I looked at Ponyboy he looked as white as a ghost 

was he dead too? I wondered. 

Then I heard Ponyboy’s voice, I took a deep breath and told him everything.

“The blue Mustang.” I began...
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