Feb 19


All of my thoughts became
a knot of information
tied up inside my brain
and I stared at the paper
feeling enormous shame
I knew the topic thoroughly
but I was not prepared
for the emotional strain
that the week would hold
The minutes ticked by
and I stared silently
my mind trying to
put together
my tangled thoughts
and before I knew it
were dripping 
from my eyes
and making little 
round marks on my paper
and the teacher told me
to step out of class
to take a breather
take a walk
get a drink
but I didn't move
She couldn't tell
but I was frozen
my mind tying itself
into hopeless knots
I was shaking
the loud sobs
that longed to burst forth
I was gasping
for air that didn't
want to enter my lungs
I was mortified
of course
but I just couldn't stop
because sometimes
you need to let it all out
The stress builds
and builds
until you burst your top
and all of the anxiety 
comes pouring out
like an eruption
of tears
and snot
and fears
and you can't hold back
until your empty
of all those heavy things
and then 

and you realize
you cannot cry anymore
your eyes are empty
and your face is wet
but you feel better
but true
there are some positive things
that crying does to you 

About the Author: Crescent_Moon
"You don’t have to understand things for them to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle