Feb 20
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Exceed Expectations

If only I could reach a little farther. 
My fingertips barely touched
barely brushed
Against it’s cold hard surface
It teased me
Knowing without it’s aid 
I would fail

Everyone's eyes seemed to follow 
my every move 
Watching to see if I will

Most of them expect me to fail
I don’t blame them

Why have faith in the guy that 
Makes mushy soupy Mac & Cheese
Why have faith in the guy that
Can’t even outrun his 
five year old brother
In a race
Why have faith in a guy
Whose only achievement is 
A C+ on an algebra test
a*2 + b*2 = c*2

It’s not me who you should be rooting for. 

You should be rooting for Mr. Tall, Strong, and Handsome 
He can reach those bars with ease and scale them like a monkey
He can run those laps with long and strong strides
And leave everyone in his dust
It’s not rocket science why
Everyone watches him
Everyone roots for him
They know he’ll win

I’m just a show
In which they get 
Barrels upon Barrels 
Of laughs
Splitting their sides
Watching me reach for the unreachable
Watching me compete with the uncompetable 

Sweat dripped from my forehead
And into my eyes
My arms trembled with every waking moment
My lungs screamed for air 
They begged, pleaded for me to stop 
So they could live

I hung my head
Looking down below
If I fell
I would fall into a cool pool
Filled with water
Swallowing me whole
But I cannot fall

I have to keep going
I need to keep going
Even if I lose 
I’ve come so far
I can’t give up
It would be a waste 
To give up

If only I could reach a little farther….