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essay challenge: ISSUE-Contest

Climate Change (Prompt #3)

A global issue is climate change; which I feel strongly about. Climate change is happening rapidly, and everything people are worried about is a new president and nuclear wars. Climate change will affect everyone’s future, as the world is growing hotter and hotter, and will eventually be uninhabitable if the human race does not change how we live on our planet. Climate change is making the earth warmer as a result of how humans live. Human activities, such as burning coal and deforestation, continue to drive climate change. From more devastating hurricanes and forest fires to sea levels rising, society is already paying the cost of decades of inaction. This means we need more ambitious climate action now than ever before. The majority of important people such as the President and the Senate aren't worried about this, even though it could affect the entire human population and its future. Climate change could also affect all of life on earth. Certain species of animals are already going extinct, and it won’t stop until we take action.

I believe all world leaders should prioritize reversing the negative effects of climate change worldwide. Delaying it for as long as possible should be more important than a new President or Donald Trump’s most recent Twitter posts. Climate change could be helped by doing simple actions, such as shutting off the lights when you exit a room, recycling, and composting. To start solving climate change, we must start trying to fix this problem we created. To accomplish this we can’t be focused on going to war with other countries, stopping refugees and migrants from entering the U.S. and what people wore to the Oscars. In my opinion, outfits and adorable animal videos shouldn’t be on the news, and things like how to fix climate change should be.

 Anyone can help solve climate change by reducing food waste. A third of the food raised or prepared does not make it from farm or factory to fork. That number is shocking, especially when paired with this one: Hunger is a condition of life for nearly 800 million people worldwide. In places where income is low and infrastructure is weak, food loss is typically unintended and structural in nature—bad roads, lack of refrigeration or storage facilities, poor equipment or packaging, a challenging combination of heat and humidity. Wastage occurs earlier in the supply chain, rotting on farms or spoiling during storage or distribution. Another way anyone can help is by unplugging devices that aren't in use and shutting off lights when leaving a room. Even though a phone or computer is unplugged, it doesn't mean the wire isn’t using power. Helping to solve climate change is one of the most challenging events in world history, but to survive and flourish, we must try our hardest to fix it.

The fact that climate change isn’t being dealt with is outrageous. It will affect my generation and more to come, that is, if there are any more.
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