Feb 21


An eraser mark on a fresh sheet of paper.

A single tearstain on an especially difficult test.

A scribble in the margins of an old textbook.

A small rip on the edge of a page in a much-loved book.

A nail polish stain on a fluffy carpet.

A large scratch on the top of a beautiful table.

A minuscule crack in a flowered vase.

A spot of rust the shiny handlebars of a bicycle.

A bloodstain on a beloved stuffed animal companion.

A large tear in a favorite dress.

A paint stain on my left hand.

A couple of pimples on my forehead.

A tiny bite scar on my left wrist.

A big brown birthmark on my right inner thigh.

A small mole between my middle and ring fingers.

A cluster of freckles across my cheeks and nose.

A self-deprecating thought that brings tears to my eyes.

A deep breath to calm my mind.

We all have our imperfections. 

About the Author: Crescent_Moon
"You don’t have to understand things for them to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle