Feb 21

a world torn in half

I am made of rainy days
spent braiding and unbraiding the same pieces of string
held together by my family 
and though my tears may spill
I can still say 
that I am ok
I'm standing tall
against it all 
the great big world
that looms 
with it's hurt and it's wars
it's blood and it's gore
all the suffering people
and the insufferable slamming of doors
all the hate and the pain 
you see everyday 
that you stupidly chose to ignore
it fills me with rage 
to know I have to speak up 
and say 
all the things that are wrong with today 
and what of tomorrow?
will it be the same?
can't you people see?
your killing the world around you
you are killing yourself here and now
and the way you are educating your children 
isn't going to fix it, not anymore
the damage you've caused 
cuts me down to my core
why on earth would you do this?
who the hell told you to?
don't blame it on others 
with some lame excuse 
you live here too!
so tell me
what are you gonna do? 
are you going to continue this way 
killing each other off
both night and day 
or are you gonna rally together 
for the sake of the world
and you
please tell me that you know what to do 
I will bring the enthusiasm
if you bring the facts
and together we can fix the world
we've torn in half.