Feb 21
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To me

Issue, to me, an issue in this world that we all need to work on is  polluting. All we do now is through away trash and are world is starting to die. The beaches are filled with trash.  Animals are dying because they are eating the trash and we are losing are environment. It is all are falt all are falt. One thing I think we can do to start saving the world is like what we were doing before. We can use glass for battle thanks to some compens they are still doing that. But it is not a nuff to help the planet whenever I look to the side of me walking on the street, on the beach,inside. All the places you can think of I am seeing trash on the ground.  It is not good in fact it discusses me that we are doing nothing about it. And the world is going to get worse throughout the years soon all it is going to be in a landfill. And ways we can start to help is like said before we can start by using glass again and being more mindful about what we put in the trash and recycle and I know some places like florida don't recycle that much because you have to go somewhere else to. And we can start making more hemp products 
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