Feb 21
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Save the World

I feel the aching rhythm of my heart,
in sync with all the whirlwinds in my head,
the storm of thoughts colliding, then again,
for no one ever told you life was easy—

Reach out your broken hands to grab the sun—
but if you yearn too much, then you will burn,
so, tears collecting in a shimm'ring lake,
you instead turn your saddened eyes to stars;

Don't let them take the wind beneath your wings
and pull you down from Castles in the Clouds;
though virtues and kindness we're able to teach,
Hope and Innocence are forever gone once lost.

You cry out at the world of so much pain,
condemning all the greed and grief you see,
Yet do not let it break you; you must go
out of the hurricane's Eye and into the storm,

for if you really want the world to change,
you must face all the madness, sadness, pain,
and make it go away, you suff’ring soul,
to save the others pity makes you blind to.

Let the moon shine down upon your face,
for we are all the same beneath the stars;
tiny beings, all so far away,
all gazing at the same celestial forms;

Wipe away your tears and stand up tall,
and tell the world that you won’t take what’s wrong.
You throw yourself into the storm of voices,
One Spark of Hope igniting the throng.