Feb 21
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Just Like Sleeping

Just Like Sleeping

This is a poem of a childhood memory

The splashing of my friends 
Around me 
Make me want to splash too
But with them over there
And me over here… 

I want to show them
Need to show them
That I can do it

That I can toss a big rainbow colored
Balloon ball around
While staying above the water’s surface
So I asked.
And the teacher asked
“Can you swim” 

My cold wet feet
Teeny tiny footprints

The hot dry concrete
Making my feet 
Feel like burning toast
The edge of the water stood inches away
Bellowing me to dip more than a toe
To dip more than my pasty scraggly legs

The stairs that lay just a few feet away
Begged me not to
Screamed at me not to 
Jump in
“Use us!”
They cried
But I did anyway


My body was enveloped by a 
comforting coolness
And the smell of chlorine filled my nostrils
Before being trapped inside with
Oxygen and 
Nitrogen as it’s neighbor’s
Held together with every muscle
Every fiber of my being 
Focused on keeping the impatient neighbors together

Around me
Dozens of feet 
Kicked and swam
In the vastness of the swimming pool

All enjoying the warm rays that came down from the heavens
Brightening up their faces 
Playing Marco Polo or an ever so dangerous game of chicken
On each others shoulders

All the while oblivious 
To me reaching out 
And touching their toes
And the soles of their feet

Eventually the impatient neighbors were screaming to be let out
Unable to stand being trapped inside 
With only each other

Arms reached out 
Trying to touch the sides
Trying to grab the attention of the boy right above me
But he swam away

I tried to swim up or down
Left or Right
Only to float in between
 up and down
Left and right

Eventually the screaming neighbors burst out
Just to be rushed back in 
By what felt like bodies of water filling my mouth
And my throat
And my lungs

Until my eyes grew heavy
And my lungs grew tired of trying to breath

Until the ever looming darkness took hold
Just like Sleeping