Feb 21
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What is Home

What is home? 

Home is not just a place , a house , a country. Home is more than that. Home can be found in a person. I found this person. My home is my mother. She has been the first home I lived in when I grew in her stomach. By feeding me with food but also love. When I feel depressed, sad or lonely I always know that I can find comfort in her arms . Even if someday we’re homeless I will never lose my home, because I know that when I am with her I am at home. My mother taught me how to love , how to be patient. But she never taught me how to live without her, and I know that when someday she will be gone, I would have lost my home forever and I would never find a home like THAT again.

Every time that I am with her, no matter how hard the situation can be, she is always there by my side pushing me up and cheering me up. I remember one day having a big misunderstanding with a friend and it turned into a fight, and she decided that we shouldn’t be friends anymore. Even without telling my mom, she knew that something was wrong. She called me to her room and asked me if I wanted to talk about it; I said no, and she told me that when I will be ready to talk she will always there. The fact that she told me that encouraged me to tell what was going on. After listening carefully she told me that sometimes bad things happens for a reason. It would be hard to deal with that, but I will get through it.  I should not be afraid of losing people but mostly afraid of losing myself by trying to please them, and I should always stay true to myself no matter what. After that she kissed me and said that she loves me to the moon and back. 

With her there there does not need to be a special occasion to tell me something nice.  I remember one day we were watching a movie and then just like that she told that she was proud of having me, that she couldn’t ask for a better daughter and that she wish me all the best because I deserve it and her only wish is to see me happy. It still makes me cry, and by writing this I am still crying. She is the best thing that could ever happen in my life. I thank God for giving me such an amazing mom. Sometimes, when I feel that everything is going wrong in my life, I always remind myself even if nothing seems to feel right, being home will always be the one last thing I would always count on.
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