Feb 21

Welcome Home

All the soldiers coming home from a trip
That took them away from their family.
They feel welcomed, but is it really home?
Is it really their home, or do the people just say it is?

They don't get the recognition they deserve.
They are trapped inside a world of things
That some people think are more important than safety
For our country and community.

These people are risking their lives to save our community,
and it isn't fair.
We aren't doing anything in return, just waiting patiently
for them to stop the fighting. 

What can we do for these soldiers, to help them 
escape the pressure of others lives?
It's in their hands.

Trust is very important,
we must trust these soldiers 
for their hands are wrapped around the safety
of U.S.A. 

So welcome home,
you kind soldiers,
that just want to protect your family.
It isn't fair you had to wait so long to come home,
and only to an uneasy welcoming. 

Welcome Home.