Feb 21

Twisted Stars

stars twisted 
in verse
around my fingers 
as I dance
among the flames of emotion 
tears falling 
into a puddle 
a vast 
and stormy ocean 
i dive into the waves
and drown in all the phrases
the icy depths of salty water
freezing what was left 
to squander 
all the empty 
blank canvas days 
and twisted string 
of thoughtless ways
tied knots of intestine
as I nervously confess things
i am made of forgotten requests
and faded dreams 
tarnished from the opinions 
of others
until one day 
in the midst of may 
my leaves unfurl 
oh so slowly
and out of the ashy ground 
I rise 
into a person bright and wise 
beyond my years 
a simple thing
yet complex beyond understanding 
I am me
from rooftop realizations
and star watching fascinations 
I rise from pain 
yet still present in my heart
as the beating feel 
of life and love 
fills my maze of a brain 
I am from the color gray 
that reminds me of the scent of rain 
the stormy day to come
inside the eager child of a spark 
a wild dancing flame filled heart
I hold my hand up 
sweet and warm 
at a distance 
the flame bears no harm 
from awkward conversations
I bring no hesitation 
and from the coward shell that used
to weigh so heavy on my shoulders
I rise up 
I've left that weight behind 
like morning dew 
on fresh cut blades of grass
sparkling with a million colors
as I walk the garden path 
more than what I seem 
all these strange and wonderful things
that I get to say are me
the scent of lentil soup 
and rose petals pressed betwixt pages 
running through the summer fields
bare feet on tall grass
and fallen leaves
dancing in the rain 
mismatched socks as I pull on my boots
laces catch in car door
laughter that changes with every day 
and a personality 
bigger than france
bubbles of sad
in a glass of cold seltzer 
as I sit down to write away the hours 
twisting stars in verse 
around my fingers 
as I dance 
in flames of emotion.