Feb 22
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Gun violence

Every day, billions of people rise from their beds. Some go to work. Some go to school. But not everyone. Some never rise. Though it’s something we may take for granted, the many victims of the horrible plague that has taken control of our country cannot. This plague is gun violence. In 2018, there were more than 38,000 fatalities due to gun violence and nearly 85,000 injuries. Never in the history of our nation should this have been allowed to happen. Never in the history of our nation should men and women live with the fear of death whenever they enter their Mosques, their synagogues, or their Churches. Never in the history of our nation should the beautiful ground of our country be soiled by the blood of the dead, shot in their schools, in their places of worship, or on the streets. In places where they should feel safe.

We live in a divided country, some say. Others disagree. We live in a diverse country, and this is a beautiful thing. But many don’t see it this way. Some see it as impure, as something to be corrected. They decide it is their duty to do just that. And, because of our nation’s leaders refusal to listen, dangerous weapons enter the hands of dangerous people. They say “guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Then how, I ask, do those people acquire guns? Yes, it’s true. Every day, people kill people. And every day, the NRA kills people. Every shot fired is more blood on their hands. Hands in which they hold the leaders of our nation. You, who govern our nation, I ask you: why? Why do you allow yourselves to be puppets? Why do you allow weapons like AK-47s, weapons designed with the sole purpose to kill men and women, to enter the hands of civilians? If your job is to protect the people, then you fail every time children are shot dead in their schools. You fail every time a gun enters the hands of dangerous men. You fail every time a little boy or girl refuses to leave the safety of their home, for fear of violent gangs. Wake up! It’s time for the leaders to lead, and protect the people they swore to protect.

How can I sleep at night, knowing that somewhere out there a young boy’s bed is empty? How can I eat, knowing that there’s one less seat at a hundred dinner tables? How can I go on, knowing that if this continues, the constant violence could rip our country apart? I’ll tell you. Hope. I have hope that the people of this nation will rise up, and save us from ourselves. I have hope that our leaders will see what is happening, and put an end to it. I have hope that you, dear reader, will see the truth, and act upon it. This is my wish. This is my dream. This is my hope.
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