Feb 22
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If I Could

If I could I would do everything in my power to change society,

I’m sick of hearing people my age complain,

Not because what they have to say isn’t important,

But because of what they say nobody seems to care,

How could we help out the future be less inevitably destructive,

When education beyond the standard is like selling your soul to the devil.

If I could I’d make the future be more practical, one that we can actually afford,

Afford to live in.

Right now, life seems to have a lot more of “I shoulds”

And not enough “I coulds”

That’s why there’s more if I coulds,

Because some things are physically impossible to achieve by yourself.

I’d rather have life be if we could, rather than “if I could”.

By myself I am very little,

But with others we all become greater than the small goals,

The small goals I want to and will someday achieve.

But the bigger goals I cannot achieve by myself.

I want to achieve goals together, and together we could,

And together we can.
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