Feb 22

Peter Pan

From the second the intro song started,
A flood of memories came back.
I remembered each and every version of Peter Pan I'd ever seen.
As the animated characters that I've kept in my heart for so long fly across Never Land,
I soar right next to them,
Singing along with the lost boys.
I suprise myself in remembering every scene,
Sometimes saying the lines under my breath.
And although I no longer wish to marry Peter Pan as I did when I was six,
I still wish I could run away and be the first lost girl.
How I would love to fight pirates and and race Tinker Bell along the skyline,
Not a care in the world,
I would forget my old life and never grow up.
And as the ending scene starts where Peter flies the pirate ship across the moon,
I feel myself touching the past with a whisp of my hair,
Reaching out to the six year old girl who was so obsessed with this Never land,
Who had a Tinker Bell doll and a pair of Tinker Bell slippers,
Who went to every production of Peter Pan her mother could find.
And I tell her that now,
I will be Wendy in my school's play,
She likes that.
I tell her to believe,
And to never grow up.