Feb 22


Picture a bird,
A little black raven,
Silky winged and hopeful,
With big brown eyes taking in everything.
In a vintage,
Bird cage.
She sings a constant song,
In a low,
Crooning voice.
A ballad of love, and heartbreak,
Of freedom into the world she wishes to explore.
One afternoon, a key inserts itself into the lock of her cage and she bursts out,
Overjoyed and ready to take on an adventure.
She flies through the window,
Her captor calling "come back!"
But she doesn't.
Her friends circle around her in a wonderful haze of compasion and loyalty,
And they all burst into a beautiful song,
Sparows and blue jays, gold finches and humming birds, even a falcon, trailed with a few red wing black birds.
They fly in a massive cloud above the town,
Leaving not a peep behind them.
But as the night grows darker,
A storm grows heavy with rain.
They try to take shelter,
But the Raven is pelted with massive rain drops,
Making it harder and harder to fly.
Her captor finds her,
And in order to insure she will never escape again,
Cuts the tips of her wings.
And so now she sits at the window,
Crying a tune to her friends,
Who are far away.
This flightless bird hopes someday another bird will come and help her to fly,
Using their own wings to guide her partail ones.
This flightless bird  sits in wait,
And still sings a constant song,
Of love and heartbreak,
And of freedom into the world she wishes to explore.