Feb 22
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I Am Leona Smith

I am Leona Smith,  the only daughter of parents with four children. With my heart open to everyone to love and share. My arms outstretched, reaching out to everyone and those in need. Friends, I’ve got a good couple of them, there I can bring out my true self. My love for music and animals fit perfectly with my violin talent and ability to play comforting music for dogs like my own. I love reading, and of course books! I think that people who don’t like school, books, and the library, are mentaly insane. I even have a dream of my own to be a middle school librarian and author to young adults. But for now I guess that I just want people to see me as a listener, an advice giver, someone that they can just spill all the tea with. But after all, I am only me because everyone else is only them. You can’t change who you really are, only who you want to be.

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